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If you have never ridden in a UTV with a snorkel kit before or if you are only now for the first time installing a snorkel kit on your RS1, then you are in for a different level of adventure and the opening up of the potential of the trails that you have been on before as well. No longer will you have to avoid water hazards, large puddles, or mud traps that are obstructing the trail. No longer will you be afraid of flooding your machine. Because with a snorkel kit from Everything Polaris RZR, your RS1 will be like aquaman, thriving in the murky depths. With a snorkel kit for your Polaris RS1, you'll be unstoppable!

The stock air box on the RS1 is loose to say the least, with gaps in the range of a quarter of an inch. Sealing this up is a good place to start when trying to make your machine waterproof, but it's only the first step. Snorkeling the clutch exhaust is also pivotal in any good snorkel system. Without a clutch snorkel, you'll find yourself having to constantly get your clutch rebuilt due to water and mud infiltration. Snorkeling the intake valves is arguably as important, if not more important than snorkeling the exhaust ports. Companies like Sinfab and Warrior make a great snorkel system for the RS1. The only caveat is that most snorkel systems will require the cutting of holes in the machine to run the piping. Furthermore, many riders are skeptical of running a choked adapter from the exhaust and are afraid of overheating issues. As they say, though, if you want to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs. And if you've ever flooded your RS1 or got liquid / muddy debris in any of the crucial internal components, you'll understand the importance of snorkeling your UTV! Don't wait until it's too late and get your RS1 snorkel kit today!

What do we mean by the trails you’ve been on before? If you avoided that watercourse because you couldn’t cross it for fear of water making its way into the exhaust of your UTV, then you are sure to love the way you will be able to charge across it without fear of costing yourself thousands of dollars in engine repairs with one of our snorkel kits.

All avid off-roaders understand that pushing the 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 to its limits without exposing yourself to danger or the UTV to unnecessary damage, is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Our snorkel kits from reputable brands such as SYA Warrior Riser are designed to give you a ride and comfort ride regardless of the terrain. Designed for side by side drivers, you can rise about swampy terrains, deep mud or even thrive in crossing creeks. Enjoy another layer of protection that ensures even when water rises above the recommended levels, crucial parts of your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 such as the engine and others remain dry. These snorkel kits are sturdy, exceptionally durable and super-cool. We are sure you will love every aspect of it. Are you still stuck in determining the ideal snorkel kits for your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1? Talk to our professionals and we will gladly help you make the right decision. You’ll love the experience with our high-quality snorkel kits.

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