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Bumpers and Brush Guards

When it comes to protecting your Polaris RS1, front and rear bumpers as well as brush guards are absolutely paramount. And luckily, there’s no shortage of companies out there fabricating up some great RS1 bumper options. In addition to the more well known companies like Crash Addict Industries, Houser Racing, Factory UTV, and DMX Performance, there are countless smaller outfits fabbing up RS1 front bumpers, RS1 rear bumpers, as well as tree kickers and nerf bars to provide your machine with 360-degree protection. ABF Fabrication, for example, has some killer sliders. We’ve personally witnessed them take some hard hits from other vehicles and come out unscathed. ORB Fab, Brick City Fab, and GBuilt Racing also come highly recommended, with raw and powder coated bumper options, integrated cage / front & rear bumper designs, an bumpers with built-in winch mounts to securely hold anything from the Badlands 5,000lb or Viper Elite 6,000 winches to SuperATV’s wirelessly operated 4,500lb winch.


If you’re going to be mounting a winch onto your bumper, make sure that the bumper you choose bolts directly to the factory mounting points. Some clamp-on type aftermarket bumpers may look good and provide protection, but if you attach a winch, it may not hold up. The Polaris Extreme bumper is a popular one for winch compatibility, and riders like it because it doesn’t stick out too much. Some riders had reservations about this bumper -- specifically regarding the strength of the mounting points -- because the winch mounts entirely to the bolt-on bumper. They questioned whether or not the mounting points could support the pulling force of a 3500lb winch. Their concerns were only exacerbated in mid 2018 when, after announcing the bumper to the market, Polaris pulled it from their site, only to release it again under a new part number. Conspiracy theories arose about them finding a potential issue with the bumper or that maybe one of the beta drivers made a recommendation that they decided was worth retooling for, but these all turned out to be bunk. In the end, copyright issues were to blame and it hand nothing to do with the production of the bumper itself. So if you’re confused about all the misinformation out there and want some straightforward advice about not only RS1 front and rear bumpers but everything Polaris RS1 related, give us a shout and we’ll help clear the waters.

While you may be a careful RZR driver, not all off-road users are the same. And since you cannot control them, you need to arm yourself with the right aftermarket accessories that will guarantee your safety and protection of your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 from damage. Our wide selection of rear and front bumpers are of quality construction, extremely rugged and sturdy. It does not matter whether the terrain is rugged or the fellow riders are crazy drivers, you are armed with what it takes to enjoy a ride of unparalleled speed and performance. Our brush guards are also designed to keep your incredible and prestigious 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 free from mud and thus enhance your performance. Something else, having selected from the best brands, these brush guards and bumpers are simple to install with little to no modification required on your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1. Check out and you will love what we have on offer. We got your back.

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