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There are many ways to go about lifting the Polaris RS1. Many riders opt for taller tires, giving them more ground clearance and better traction at the same time. All else being equal, however, bigger tires will put added strain on your rig, and you might find yourself breaking yokes more rapidly than you did before. In addition to taller tires, you can also tighten the springs to get a little lift. Crank em’ down about an inch and a half and you should gain about three inches -- plus a better ride in many cases. But when it comes to preload adjustments to alter ride height, there is no magic number to set it at for all applications. Any number that a manual tells you is more of a guideline, not a rule. If you seem to be dragging the bottom of your bike everywhere, raise it up some. If you’re not dragging at all and your ride seems too stiff, try lowering it. You can basically run as much preload as you want, until the tradeoffs in ride quality become unbearable.


Another way to gain ground clearance in the Polaris RS1 is through a bracket lift. However, because the lower front a-arm forward frame mount is different from the RZR 1000, the lifts for the multi-seat Razors won’t work with the RS1. There are bracket lift options out there though. SuperATV has been testing their lift kit and it has just recently become available. Other ways to achieve more ground clearance are through aftermarket long travel suspension systems (like those by Lone Star) or portals -- the latter providing both a gear reduction and a lift at the same time. SuperATV also makes a portal lift system, which can give you a 4”, 6”, or even an 8” lift and 30%-60% gear reduction. The racers out there will probably not see any benefits from portal lifts, but for the mudders, portals are downright amazing. You don’t have to run aftermarket tie rods, yet still get a wider stance, making cornering a whole lot better. And for all the rock crawlers out there, a lifted RS1 is unbeatable. The centered seat and visibility is perfect for scrambling over boulders, and being able to feel the attitude of the car is unreal. They may have built the RS1 for racing, but add some portals and long travel and it will be able to crawl over anything. So whether you’re looking for a portal lift to help on the rocks, a bracket lift for trail riding, or a suspension lift for jumping, when it comes to lift kits for the Polaris RS1, Everything Polaris RZR has it all!

We believe that having an uninterrupted ride even in the phase of crazy terrains, crazy weather patterns or uneven trails is something important for side by side drivers who are serious about their fun. The new 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 is designed to give you the best racing experience but to sustainably achieve that, you need to blend with high quality and durable aftermarket accessories. Otherwise, acquiring your new 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 will be an activity in futility. Knowing that getting the right lift kits has been hard for UTV lovers in a long while, we have remained on the top of the game to bring to you the best suspension lifts, bracket and portal lifts for gear reduction. These will give you the performance and speed you desperately need as you race or just enjoy your rides over the weekend with family and friends. When it comes to utter ruggedness and extreme nature of the lift kids, we are sure they are unparalleled as they have been manufactured by reliable industry giants.

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