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Getting the right suspension setup in your Polaris ACE is crucial. Sure the stock shocks on the ACE are ok (not the best, but at least they're durable), but the springs are complete garbage. Walker Evans is a well-known company that makes both aftermarket shocks and the associated components -- including springs -- for a variety of UTVs, including the Polaris ACE. If you want the good stuff, you're going to have to pay up. But there are cheaper ways to upgrade your suspension without having to pop on a brand new suspension system. Walker Even's tender springs on the ACE 900xc is a good choice, as they both augment the suspension and provide a bit more ground clearance -- which is great because few companies make lift kits for the 900xc. No matter which shocks you have, be they stock or aftermarket, you should be able to mess with the preload and rebound if they're either too soft or too hard. If you haven't already, it might be time to start experimenting with the shocks on your ACE. We suggest clicking them all the way to the hardest setting (leaving the preload alone) then backing them off a click or two and seeing how it rides. You can then adjust further from there if needed.

The shocks on the Polaris ACE are designed to be bottomed out without damaging the shock, but racing conditions are often beyond the capabilities of factory ACE shocks. Companies like Shock Therapy can rebuild your ACE shocks and make them better, but they can't make them like an aftermarket shock. Like Walker Evans, Elka, Eibach, and Fox also make shocks or springs for the Polaris ACE. But before installing springs in your ACE, it's good to know the spring rate and the lengths (compressed and unsprung) of the springs. Progressive springs -- aka variable rate springs -- like the Bandit springs are great for rough terrain as they use a spring rate that increases as the spring is compressed. With a single spring setup that the ACE comes with, your factory height as well as other settings are limited. If you want the springs to set lower on the shock, you're going to have to go with a dual rate setup that puts two springs on each shock. The second spring is designed to hold the mainspring in place. It really does nothing other than that. If you truly want a different set up you need a true dual rate which makes the secondary spring almost as long as the first one. Be they base model Fox shocks without the reservoir, Walker Evens shocks, or any number of quality shock or spring components from a variety of reputable UTV parts makers, here at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got what your ACE needs for any driving style or terrain condition!