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Are you considering a rim upgrade for your Polaris ACE 900, Polaris ACE 570, or Polaris ACE 500? Are you confused about all the different options for Polaris ACE wheels out there? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have a wide variety of the best Polaris ACE wheels on the market, but we can also tell you which types of Polaris ACE rims perform better under which conditions. Wheel size -- including height, width, length, and weight -- offset, backspacing, and even something as seemingly banal as the bolt pattern on the rim all play a role in the performance of the wheel. Steel and aluminum are the primary materials used in most UTV rims, with side-by-side companies like ITP, Quadking, STI, and RTC leading the charge in aftermarket Polaris ACE wheel production. But in addition to the material used to make a UTV wheel, the offset of the wheel is another factor that you should investigate before popping on a new set of rims for your Polaris ACE. Some riders like to run negative offset Polaris ACE rims. But if your rim offset is too low and your tires are too big, your wheels might rub against the fenders. And while positive offset Polaris ACE rims can give your rig a wider stance and more stability -- without having to use wheel spacers -- they can mess with the machine's suspension components if you go too high. But worry not, because at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got wheels and rims with offsets optimized for any riding style and every vehicle in the Polaris ACE lineup!

Ensuring that your Polaris ACE wheels are properly aligned is one thing, but getting the right wheels to start with is way more important. As far as wheel camber goes for the Polaris ACE, your side-by-side wheels should be completely vertical, and not tilted to one side or another. If you do have camber in your wheels, it's likely a bushing or bearing that needs to be replaced. And if that's the case, we've also got wheel bushings and wheel bearings for the Polaris ACE available at Everything Polaris RZR as well. It doesn't matter if you're replacing a bunk rim, or upgrading your Polaris ACE rims for better performance and a higher-quality ride, you'll find any wheel or rim for the job here at Everything Polaris RZR!

For more info about Polaris RZR wheel offset, check out our blog: What Is Wheel Offset and Why Should You Care?

Rims can have zero offsets, positive offset, or negative offset. The higher the offset, the more the hub of the wheel is sucked under the UTV, which keeps the center of gravity under the cab of the machine. If you want to cut cookies and make your ACE harder to flip, a wider tire and deeper wheel offset can help. Many ACE owners choose to run wheels from the Polaris RZR 1000 on their rig because the RZR 1000 side by sides comes with factory rims that are +3” offset. However, the RZR tires will likely hit the sway bar in your ACE because of the backspace on the RZR wheel. The other problem is that the taper and diameter of the ACE lug nut don't fit the rim properly and will probably wallow out over time -- and you only use the last 1/4" of the thread on the stud. So to clear the sway bar on an unlifted ACE, you’re probably going to need wheel spacers to run RZR wheels. Luckily, there are many aftermarket wheel options for the ACE, so if you don’t want to add wheel spacers or wheel adapters that will make your wheelbase wider, there are tones of ACE rims to choose from to meet your requirements.

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