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Tire and Wheel Accessories

From hinged spare tire carriers to Polaris RZR tire and wheel accessories like tire irons, tire plugs, and aftermarket lug nuts, there's no better place to go than Everything Polaris RZR for all your auxiliary tire and wheel needs. To prevent rocks, branches, and other objects from entering through the face of your wheels and getting hung up on the brake calipers, many riders choose to run rock shields, inner rock guards, and brake protectors. For trailside tire repairs, patches, plugs, and sidewall slugs work wonders, while kevlar-compound sealant solutions can also be applied ahead of time to thwart flat tires. Unlike many of the UTV tire sealant options out there, which are known to corrode the rims, the products we offer are 100% safe! Be it valve stem mounting options or emergency flat tire fixes, all your Polaris RZR tire and wheel accessories, tools, and equipment can be found right here at Everything Polaris RZR.

In addition to flat tire repair kits for the Polaris RZR, at Everything Polaris RZR we also sell various accessories for inflating, deflating, and monitoring the PSI within your tires. The brand of UTV tire you use as well as the type of riding you do will both affect how much you should inflate your tires. If you've got low-ply Polaris RZR tires with flimsy sidewalls, you should probably inflate your tires more so that they don't fold when cornering. High tire pressures are also good when hauling heavy loads. But if you're rock crawling or trail riding and want to maximize traction, lower tire pressures can help. Some Polaris RZR tire pumps come with built in PSI monitors, and external tire pressure gauges for the Polaris RZR are also available. So if you want to ensure that your tires are properly inflated, or if you want the ability to fix flat tires in the field, the kits, instruments, and Polaris RZR tire and wheel accessories at Everything Polaris RZR are the way to go!