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Street Legal

The Polaris RZR is unstoppable on the track and equally impressive in the woods and on the dunes. But nothing stops an unlicensed Polaris RZR quicker than a pair of berries and cherries flashing in the rear view mirror on a public street. It doesn't have to be this way, however. Because as long as you have the right street legal accessories to get your Polaris RZR up to code, most places allow for their use on city and county roads. Places like Canada require RZR riders to wear helmets at all times, regardless of whether they're on municipal streets or backcountry trails. Many US states have emission standards to which any road vehicle must adhere, and seatbelt laws are enforced across the board. Other accessories such as mirrors, blinkers, and even illuminated license plate brackets are pretty standard requirements for a street legal Polaris RZR. So if you're tired of trailering your RZR to get it from point A to point B or you simply want the freedom to make a beer run in your RZR after a long workday in the field, we've got the aftermarket Polaris RZR street legal accessories to make it happen.

While it may be possible to register your machine and get a title in one state, not all states allow people to put a title on machines made specifically for offloading. For this reason, you cannot simply title your RZR in one state and then drive it across the country. Furthermore, what might be compulsory come inspection day in one state might not be required in another -- and vice versa. So before you go and install the latest turn signal kit with a horn and hazard lights or the high-quality (and high-price) UTV foldable mirrors with LED lights and quick-detach functionality, it's prudent to check your local laws to know what's needed and what's not. Depending on how your state classifies the Polaris RZR, you might be able to get away with hand signals. Mirrors and brake lights are generally always required, and things like DOT approved windshields or other DOT approved accessories are hit and miss. Whatever the case may be in your state, we're sure to have the right stuff to make your Polaris RZR compliant with the rules of the road.