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Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

From Polaris RZR 80W transmission fluid to complete Polaris RZR oil change kits for at-home servicing, Everything Polaris RZR has all the oils, filters, and fluids for you and your side-by-side. Although some riders stick to Polaris-branded oils and fluids, most manufacturers try to push their own oil as another way to boost profits. However companies like Mobile1, Amsoil, and Valveoline all make oil for the Polaris RZR that performs equally well. Good oil is good oil, and if you do the experiments, you'll see that non-Polaris oils actually hold their viscosity longer and keep the engine quieter at start up. Dry tensioners can sometimes make noise after you drain the oil, but this generally clears itself up after the machine runs for a bit. Although most motorcycle oil is typically formulated for wet-clutch vehicles, big-brand oil producers make UTV-specific oils that perform exceptionally well in the RZR. Amsoil, for example, makes Polaris RZR fluids for all three holes, ensuring that your differentials, transmission, and engine are all properly lubricated. And where filters are concerned, we've got both Polaris RZR oil filters and RZR air filters to capture unwanted crud and debris that can cause premature wear and tear.

Don't pay more for Polaris-branded oils and fluids when there are better options available at lower prices. There's nothing special about Polaris-branded oil, and it's not like they own their own oil refinery. The oils and fluids offered by Polaris are made by other companies, and then a Polaris label is slapped on so they can charge a larger markup. Whether you own a Polaris RZR 1000, an RZR 570, or an RZR 900, any good-quality 5W-50 oil is sufficient. And if you are plodding about around your property or on slow-pace wooded trails, you might be alright with some 10W-40 oil. But if you have a heavy right foot, a lighter viscosity oil is better for faster riding styles. Plus, at Everything Polaris RZR, we also offer shock oil, portal gear oil, and all other fluids, filters, and oils for the Polaris RZR. Whatever you're after, it can be found at your leisure by browsing the catalogs of Everything Polaris RZR!