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Heat Shields

From replacement factory Polaris RZR heat shields to aftermarket heat shields and head defectors for the Polaris RZR lineup, don't let excessive heat destroy your bike or make you uncomfortable with the Polaris RZR head shielding accessories from Everything Polaris RZR. Whether you've got an aftermarket exhaust or not, putting a heat shield over the headers will prevent your vehicle's rear fender from melting. And while checking the spark arrestor for clogs as well as the fuel pump for weak pressure could alleviate some heat issues, your RZR exhaust will be hot in the best of conditions, so using heat shields and heat deflectors is never a bad idea. Some editions of the Polaris RZR come stock with an aluminum plate under the bed, but if it's still too hot back there for your cooler or the paws of your K9 companion, we have both in-bed and under-bed head shields for the Polaris RZR. The Polaris RZR padded heat shield by Razorback Offroad, for example, allows almost no heat to pass through, and is perfect for even the most pampered of pups. Compared to makeshift heat shielding solutions made from foam sheets, rubber pads, yoga mats, or bathroom rugs, Razorback Offroad's trunk heat shield / cover for the Polaris RZR is not only a better insulator, but also a better cushion!

Wrapping the radiator hose under the center console with specialized Polaris RZR heat shielding material can help reduce in-cab heat, and many riders like to install heat shield panels behind the seats to keep cabin temperatures at a more comfortable level. And to preserve the iciness of your beverages when riding, we also have Polaris RZR foam heat shielding accessories for the cup holders in the center console! Whether you're looking for wrap-around heat shields for the exhaust of your Polaris RZR or a bolt-on heat shield to protect your rear passenger-side shock, when things get hot, the Polaris RZR heat shield solutions available at Everything Polaris RZR won't let you down!