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As anyone who has dipped their toes into the side-by-side world will tell you, each UTV is different. So a clutch kit that works great in one machine may prove less spectacular in another. Even within the Polaris RZR domain, to get the right clutch engagement and fine-tune your rig’s RPMs to your personal liking takes time and patience. For this reason, running clutch kits and other systems from manufacturers that are willing to give that time is imperative. In addition to your particular Polaris RZR edition and the aftermarket components you have installed, your ride style and where you ride will also affect your machine’s clutch performance. If you’re doing any slow crawling with big tires, Dura Clutches and those of similar ilk are great. These clutch packs are used for extremely slow operations, and the performance upgrades they produce are night and day. No more smoking belts on technical features or dunes. Dalton Clutch Kits are also popular with riders. However, some have expressed discontent with the primary spring stiffness, which causes a high clutch engagement. Another aftermarket clutch kit that receives plenty of praise is the RVS Performance clutch system by RVS Performance.

Regardless of the aftermarket Polaris RZR clutch kit that you decide on, tuning can boost its performance substantially. More clutch weight will produce lower RPMs, while less clutch weight will produce higher RPMs. In addition to the clutch weight, the starting and finishing rate on both the primary and secondary springs will alter the speed of your up-shifts, back-shifts, and RPMs as well -- with the angle steepness of the helix creating similar results. So slap it on, tune it up, and optimize your clutching to make your Polaris RZR run like a dream!

Get a grip on your machine’s performance with an upgraded clutch or clutch kit from Everything Polaris RZR. No matter your tire size or your trail preference, we have just what you need for your 2020 Polaris RZR. We supply Clutch Kits with 30-32” Tires 3001’-6000’ Elevation for your 2020 RZR XP 1000, Secondary Drive Clutch Pullers for your 2020 RZR XP Turbo and High Flow Clutch Covers for your 2020 RZR-S 1000. We even carry clutch kits for general performance and hill-climbing as well as clutch kits for stock tires, 33”-35” tires and 0-3000’ elevation. With the best brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory industry like Trinity Racing, Empire Exhaust and SuperATV, there’s no limit to the upgrades you can do to your rig. Why settle for mediocre performance from stock clutches and clutch kits? Get durable, high-quality clutches and clutch kits for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

It may not be the case with all RZR editions -- such as the Highlifter -- but we know that generally, you will likely lose a considerable amount of power when you put bigger tires on your machine. To get your power back up to where it was before -- or even higher than before -- an RZR clutch kit is the way to go. Be it a 2015 RZR 900s clutch kit or an RZR 1000 clutch kit, if you want to experience less belt slippage and have your gears engage sooner when crawling or hill climbing, an RZR clutch upgrade is in order. 

3P Clutching makes a great RZR 1000 clutch and an RZR XP 1000 clutch kit. But these UTV clutch masters aren’t the only game in town. CV Tech and their Trailbloc Primary RZR clutch easily fits the 2014 Polaris RZR 900 XP4, the 2011 RZR XP 900, and most other RZR 900 models. So if you’re looking for an RZR 900 clutch kit, CV Tech might have what you need to take your ride to the next level. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than souping up your machine with the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories, only to have a clutch that can’t get the job done. If you’ve tried out your new parts and find that the stock RZR clutch just isn’t cutting it, upgrade now and save yourself a great deal of stress and frustration in the future. Get those 32” BFG tires and ride with confidence knowing that your Dalton RZR S 1000 Clutch Kit is there to carry the weight and pick up the slack. 

In some cases, rather than spending the time and money on a brand new UTV clutch, many riders can get away with a few key replacements to their RZR clutching system. This is typically quicker, less expensive, and a great alternative to running an entirely new clutch kit. The RZR sprague cage and carrier -- especially the RZR 800 sprague carrier -- are either plastic or cast aluminum in many UTVs, which is why you can replace it with a stronger sprague and reap significant gains. Like the sprague in the differentials, the clutch sprague and clutch sprague carrier help the CVT clutch of the Polaris RZR function properly. And because there is both a primary and secondary clutch in the RZR, there’s double the chances your sprague or other clutch component might break. Clutch springs, clutch weights, and other parts that are crucial to the clutch's performance will all wear over time -- especially if you ride hard or have a turbo RZR. 

Speaking of the Polaris RZR turbo, you might be wondering what the options are for an RZR turbo clutch kit. You see, the Turbo RZR has an upgraded drive train, which makes going for a Turbo RZR more than worth it for that fact alone. And while we could go either way regarding the Dynamix, it comes in handy if you ride varied conditions and are tired of adjusting the shocks. With the active suspension you can flip a switch and let er’ rip. The Turbo also is nice to have in the sand and open roads for getting your speed up. But if you do have the Turbo RZR with an RZR XP turbo clutch, be sure to clean out your belt cover every oil change, as the boost reading is very touchy on engine misfires and the dust build up on your clutch will cause it to throw false misfire codes. You can run a new clutch belt and new clutch plugs, but in some cases you won’t have an actual misfire, but rather a false misfire. If the belt slips it gives a misfire till so many revolutions occur without a slip. There are a few companies that will reflash your ECU to get rid of the nuisance code. But for 220 bucks there’s a lot of other Turbo RZR clutch upgrades you could make instead.

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