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Mount a two-way radio to the right of the steering wheel in the cubby of your Polaris RS1, zip-tie a communication device to your roll cage, or invest in an in-helmet headset and microphone for the ultimate communication experience. Riding in the RS1 can get lonely, so keep in touch with your crew with a Polaris RS1 communication accessory from Everything Polaris RZR! Regardless of where you ride, either on the track, at the dunes, or in the backwoods, an RS1 communication system just makes everything better. Even if you ride alone, bringing along a HAM radio like the ones by PCI, bayofong, and Rugged Radios will definitely prove useful in times of hardship and strife. After all, what are you going to do when your differential snaps and you’re 40 miles from the trailhead? With a UHF radio capable of transmitting both the UHV and VHV frequencies, you’ll be able to contact any rider in the area using similar devices.

The BTech HAM radio is popular, and other systems like those by Rugged Radio are similar, just programmed to run on a select set of channels. If you want a communication device that can go the distance, a CB radio can work. Get a 25-watt dual-band CB, set it to channel 19, and you’ll be chatting it up with truckers in no time. Some radios, however, are restricted, requiring either a general or amateur radio license. You might be fine riding dirty for a while, but the requirements for getting this license aren’t as hard as they used to be, and no code is required. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your RS1 communication system constantly to converse with your boys trailing you in the Polaris RZR, or simply have it just in case someone — including yourself — gets lost or needs help. Whatever your UTV communication needs are, we’ve got the accessory to make it happen!

Your Polaris RZR RS1 is an amazing UTV – but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to listen to your music or take a call and actually hear everything with clear audio? Well when you add a UTV communications aftermarket accessory from Everything Polaris RZR, you are guaranteed to get that and more!

The Rugged Radios headset speaker systems and helmet speaker systems are to die for! You will hear every sound clearly and without interference. Not to mention that, you won’t be asking what someone said due to road noise or the roar of your engine. Makes for an overall better riding experience. Not to mention the walkie talkies are pretty badass themselves as well. You will be able to communicate with just one person or several all at once with their fully incorporated systems. These systems are built with the trash talking racer in mind!

Not only that but you will find that your RS1 can be fully outfitted with a system that is permanently installed in the dash or one that is portable. Since Rugged Radios also offers amazing radio covers, you can maintain the sleek and rugged look of your Side x Side even after installation. So, whether it is a simple speaker, a UTV radio antenna, or a full system with multiple speaker ports, we have everything you could ever need to take your audio and communicating experience to a whole new level.

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