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Tire & Wheel Kits (Pre-Mounted)

Upgrade your stock tires and wheels with a pre-mounted Polaris ACE tire and wheel kit from Everything Polaris RZR! Regardless of if you own the ACE 900, the ACE 570, or the ACE 500, Everything Polaris RZR has both replacement tire and wheel kits as well as tire and wheel upgrades for any vehicle in the Polaris ACE lineup. Do you use your ACE for work purposes and want a puncture-proof tire and wheel kit? Or are you after some tall yet lightweight tires and wheels to gain ground clearance without having to upgrade your clutch? Be it 25" street tires on stock-style rims to preserve your low-end torque, or some larger 30" mud tires on SuperATV's Banded Series wheels for better grip in the slippery stuff, you won't struggle to find exactly what's needed when you browse the selection of pre-mounted tires and wheels for the Polaris ACE at Everything Polaris RZR. Order yours now and make any Polaris ACE trail-, track-, or farm-ready today!

Whether you're after a reasonable middle ground between street tires and mud tires, or looking to optimize your Polaris ACE tires and wheels for a particular type of riding, you can get everything you're after here at Everything Polaris RZR. There will be considerable power loss disparates between a Polaris ACE 900 with bigger tires / wheels, and a Polaris ACE 325 with the same size tire and wheel kit. And although you might loose a few miles-per-hour off your top speed, larger aftermarket Polaris ACE tire and wheel kits will give you much-needed ground clearance, a softer ride with deflated tire pressures, and a lower center of gravity for more steadiness and stability when turning. If you stick to the track or ride dirt and gravel roads, smaller Polaris ACE tire and wheel kits will suit you nicely. But if you ride slower and rougher trails, rock gardens, and off-road stretches, sacrificing a little speed to gain benefits on other fronts is likely a good idea. Whichever type of terrain you ride on and no matter what kind of riding you prefer, you will get amazing deals on top tire and wheel kits for the Polaris ACE by ordering through Everything Polaris RZR!